Italian Trip Abroad have the mission to drive you in the World througt our eyes.

Hello, we are Toti and Alessia. An expatriate travel couple in Uk.

Our idea is to show a journal of our travel life and inspire you to be an indipendent traveller.
Own your adventure and draw your own itineraries.
Read something about us and join to our journey.
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Where to eat the best pizza in Naples, discovered by locals. A list of the best pizzerias in Napoli.

Everyone knows for making the best pizza, you need some incredible ingredients. But those are not for everyone, and not simply to find. You need the best... Read it

Essenzial road trip organizer. what you must not miss. kit and ideas.

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Portugal, Instagrammable spots. Lisbon, Porto and Aveiro – Travel Photography

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We are travelling and working full time

In the past two years we have been in all Europe, both working full time. We believe in the slow-travel philosophy (Check it out) .

We explain all our tips on how to travel more and better.
How can organize your annual leaving better and travel more.

Travel On a Budget and Cheap in Europe

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